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»About Site Owner
Name: Ohunakin Alfred Joshua
Nicknames: Joshster, Joshstex, Xtjun
Birthday: July 25th 2003
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
State Of Origin: Ondo
City: Iju
Nationality: Nigerian nigeria
Qualification: Wap/Webmastering, Software Programming ( 2016/2017 )
School: W3schools
Religion: Christianity
Friends: Waplica, Studentaccess, Weezywap, Unlimitedapps, Stevendie, Graham, Zukerberg
Quote: Don't Worry If You Are Not Recognised But Strive To Be Worthy Of Recognition
Mission: Making the world a global village. A world whereby many things can be achieved by making adequate use of our brains and not physical strength.
Football Club: Die-hard Fc Barcelona fan
Websites: STERWAP
More Sites: Coming Soon...
Hobbies: Reading, Chatting, Browsing, Web designing, Playing soccer and Video games, etc.
Occupation: Student, Part-time web/software programmer.
Facebook Profile: Ohunakin Alfred Joshua
Twitter Page: Joshstex

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